Monday, February 28, 2011

jewellery and life update

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me such kind messages, gave me such amazing feedback, and purchased pieces from my latest collection of jewellery. I was amazed at the incredible response to what I’d made, your support of my work means the absolute world to me … thank you :)

Things have been busy here; we’re getting ready to go camping with our unschooling/natural learning group. There will be lots of children and my daughter will turn 10 during the week so we’re all excited about getting away to spend some time with our close friends and celebrate her birthday. My daughter has made lolly bags for all the kids for her birthday, but instead of filling the bags with lollies she has hand sewn little dolls and aliens for everyone … there will be lollies too though :). Here is what she has created in the last couple of weeks:

My husband arrives home today!! He has been working overseas off and on for the last year and is now finally home for good. It has been a tough year for me keeping spiralstone going, home schooling and trying to keep the house in some kind or respectable state. I have sketch books filled with designs and I’m so excited to have more time to bring all those designs to life now that he is home.

Much of the inspiration for these designs comes from growing up in New Zealand. I grew up in Christchurch and my family and friends still live there. So this week has been devastating for me, watching my beloved little city crumble to the ground. I have so many memories wrapped up in every corner of that city … my first kiss was in that park where the trees are now uprooted, my friends and I road our bikes along that road that is now carved up and split into pieces, we hung out as teenagers at that beautiful old art centre building that has crumbled to the ground and is destroyed forever … I feel so incredibly sad seeing the pictures of the devastation. My friends and family are safe and well but my Mum’s house has cracks in the walls, every appliance hit the ground, her precious little trinkets smashed to pieces, her hot water cylinder moved a metre and spilled water all over her carpet, and she has been without power and water to her home for a week. Floods, cyclones, earthquakes, ice storms … what is happening to our precious earth?

I have managed to make two more “distant sun, silver moon” pieces, I’m just waiting on some chain to arrive and then I can show you what they look like.
Here is a picture of their backs though (unoxidised and without their stones set):

Hopefully I'll have some photos to show you tomorrow (fingers crossed the chain arrives today).


WillowMetals said...

Michele....My heart breaks for you. When I first heard of the earthquakes I thought of you right away. I was hoping it wasn't close to family, friends, or memories. I hate to hear that it was. I am glad though to hear everyone is okay.
I am glad to hear that life might be a little less busy with your husband coming home. I can't wait to see all of your future creations with SpiralStone :) And those backs are awesome and such a tease, lol!!! I can't wait to see them! I know that they must be amazing.
Also Happy Birthday to your little girl! Those dolls are sooooo cute. She needs to have her a little etsy shop :) I would be a customer ;)
Michele, you are in my thoughts, sending healing, love, and light your way. Your true memories will always live in your heart♥

DalaHorse said...

Michele....can i come to the party? those little favors are so darling....she's got her mama's creative streak. Happy 10th Birthday! Good news that your husband will be returning home soon...I have never been to Christchurch but it looks very charming...the devastation they're experiencing is just heartbreaking...i hope that aide comes soon and that services are restored very soon...i will keep them in my prayers. Mother Earth is doing her best but her fragile balance is definitely in question. We need to all take better care of her. You new pieces look very cool...can't wait to see the all finished up.

Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

So sorry to hear about the town you grew up in but glad everyone is OK. Your two pieces are gorgeous without any stones...can't wait to see them finished. The little dolls your daughter made are just adorable...I see she has her momma's artistry; hope she has a wonderful birthday. I can't imagine my hubby being gone for a glad yours is back home safe and sound.

SpiralStone said...

Thank you Heather, Sue and Sandi for your kind comments :)

Hubby is home! and my mum finally has her power reconnected, so things are looking up. And all your comments about my daughters sewing have made her day!

Ash said...

Glad hubby is home safe and sound, Michele, and you're all together again. And especially after what's been happening at doubt you're in need of some good man-hugs!

Also glad to hear your mum has power. I'm sure each step forward will feel like a small victory as the city and country try to move forward. (It's hard being so far away and feeling helpless, isn't it?!) My best friend is a social worker and heading down this week with a team to offer counseling services and whatever else is needed. She has lots of family down there, too, so will be good for her to touch base with them, as well. (Do you think you might make a trip home this year? I'm gearing up for October...)

Can't wait to see your new creations. If that's what the back of each piece looks like...then wowee!

[My hubby has done an impressive job of hiding my ring. No where to be found! Twenty-three more days to go...sigh.]

Happy camping!


Ash said...

By the way, your daughter's dolls and aliens are gorgeous! Do you think she'll let me buy one of her aliens for hubby-darling?? He's a fan of all things alien (moi included). I even wrote him a little ditty about aliens last month for his birthday (posted on my sadly neglected bloggity-blog)...but it was more of a letting-him-down-gently kind of ditty, explaining why he wouldn't be getting a $10,000 pair of night-vision goggles, apparently used by all serious UFO investigators! (In his dreams!)

I think one of your daughter's little aliens might make up for it, though...and would go perfectly with the freeze-dried 'alien ice cream' I bought him as part of his anniversary gift (ha)...AND, the little plastic alien money box that he'll be able to use to save up for those highly sought-after night-vision goggles! Muahahahaha!

(Did I tell you my greencard is up for renewal this year? I think he's hoping they'll send me back home!!!)

SpiralStone said...

LOL Ash!! I've just sent you a convo regarding the purchase of an alien :)

Sunny Rising Leather said...


I am so sorry for your loss; your work is so incredible and soulful; I look forward to someday wearing a piece myself.

With great respect and fond wishes,