Sunday, October 30, 2011

waiting for the sky to clear

Waiting for the rain to clear so I can photograph the jewellery I've just finished making.  I should have photos and a little animation to show you later today.

EDIT:  The rain has been playing a little game with me today, everytime I go outside to take photos it begins to rain again.  When I go back inside the sun comes out.   I think I was a little optimistic regarding how long it would take me to photograph this jewellery and post the photos here.  So, I'm now aiming for Tuesday night ... Wednesday at the latest :).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new home



front yard

back yard

The office is looking a little more organised now but my studio is still a shed in a box.  It has been an exhausting couple of weeks but we're feeling so happy in our new home, the house is nestled in the tree tops and the views and nature surrounding us are incredible. Hopefully we'll have my studio up and running by next week and I can finish what I've been creating.