Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I’m here, in New Zealand! It has taken a long time but I’m finally in a place to start creating again.  The last three months has been amazing with days spent swimming in the river and the sea and gazing towards the distant mountains … it’s hard to believe that we’re really here some days, our life completely shifted to another country.  It has been wonderful for me reliving so many childhood memories, when I see my little ones experience the same things.  But, it has also been a time of forms, exemptions, insurance, accounting, tax, banks, paypal accounts, email accounts, real estate, customs, warrants, registrations and licences and … forms and forms and forms … all of which are a creative family’s nightmare!

We’re renting a little old house on the side of the hill overlooking the ocean and the distant mountains. It has a perfect studio that I’ve painted and made into a lovely space to work.  My tools have finally arrived (they were “packed forward” in the container so that I could get them immediately but they ended up being packed with everything else and were hidden amongst a huge pile of boxes in storage, so were hard to find!), but they’re here now and I can finally start working again.

In the meantime, between forms and adventures and getting my studio in order I have been making some beaded necklaces from some discs I created in Australia before I left. They take a really long time to make so it’s been the perfect thing to do while getting everything else sorted out, they’ll be listed in my shop tomorrow.
Besides these necklaces my only creative outlet has been taking photos … I’ve taken a lot … so here are a few pictures of my new home.  I’m so happy to be here and I’m so looking forward to sharing this inspiring place in photos and jewellery. It’s a new beginning.