Saturday, July 31, 2010

black ...

our cat "chilli"

dark moon

... and white

my daughter's hair

full moon



night forest

moon light mist

moon rise

Friday, July 30, 2010

an unusual stone

I had originally planned to use this agate in my ocean collection. I designed a piece of jewellery which seemed to be perfect for this stone, but the stone didn't work in the design. It's an unusual shape, the bottom of it isn't flat like a cabochon, it's rounded, and the sides are uneven, it's more like an irregular river stone than a cabochon.

But I just had to add it to the collection as it was absolutely perfect - it has the most amazing fish shape within the stone.

I wanted the stone to be simply set and to be the centre/emphasis of the piece, and something that worked with the irregularity of the stone. I finished the ring today; mother fish guiding her babies through the ocean currents.

I'll be listing this ring in my Etsy store tomorrow morning.
I've also got seven new pieces that I've just finished that have nothing to do with the ocean, I'll have some photos to show you by Monday.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

birthday wishes

A lovely friend of mine asked me to make a piece of jewellery for her - as gift to herself for her 40th birthday. When I asked her what she had in mind in the way of design, colour, size, etc, she said she completely trusted me to make her whatever I wanted to! She is such a strong earthy woman, and a beautiful mama to two little girls who are her world. So I chose a crazy lace agate stone with a beautiful landscape, I see her as the full moon and her children (one born in summer and one in winter) as the sun and the snowflake - all interconnected, dependent and reliant upon each other, yet unique and independent in their own way. I was so worried the ring wouldn't fit her or she wouldn't like it or both! I gave it to her last night at her party and it was a perfect fit, it looked beautiful on her and she loved it :) ... phew.

Friday, July 2, 2010

ocean collection

Since having children I can’t tolerate being in small confined spaces, or amongst crowds, or surrounded by trees and bush … I need space, air, and the horizon. I’m not sure why I feel like this, confined spaces were never an issue before I had children. Perhaps I instinctively feel that I can protect my little ones if I have space to see and feel what surrounds me?

That is why I moved away from the bush to live by the ocean. I have space and air and wind and salt and water near me. I can look out at the endless horizon and feel connected to this enormous earth, and imagine what mysterious worlds lie beneath the incredibly vast and endless ocean. It’s where I feel calm and peaceful and free.

In one way being by the ocean is being in a wide open space where I can see the horizon; the curvature of the earth as far as the eye can see. Yet when I look down at my feet there are secret little gardens hidden amongst the rocks, underwater worlds that are unknowable to us, hidden treasures hiding in the seemingly clear and spacious landscape. The boundaries of three worlds - earth, sky and sea.