Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes the designs I draw on paper just don’t work in metal. I’m working on a ring right now that was almost finished but a little design fault and a few strokes of my hammer have destroyed it. I’ve gone through a range of emotions trying to make this ring – from frustration to anger to rage to sadness and despair; I’m now waiting for patience and persistence to quick in so I can start making this ring again from scratch, because I am determined to make it work!

But I’ve got some other things to show you :).

My children have been doing a pottery class for a few years now; I used to wait in the park with the other mum’s while the class was on. This year they ran a class for adults so I thought I’d enrol and make some bowls and things while my little ones made unicorns and ponies.

My daughter’s unicorn
My first pots :)

I was in the city buying some metal and cabochons the other day and I couldn’t resist buying this piece of celestite. It’s the most beautiful crystal, I love its smoky pale blue/grey colour, I wish I had a big celestite cabochon I could turn into a piece of jewellery for myself.

And finally my new computer. It works better and looks a lot nicer than that old beast I was using.

That’s it for now, I was hoping to have this jewellery finished today but it looks like I’m heading back to the shed to saw out some metal and start again … breathe.

Friday, September 3, 2010

signs of spring

Suddenly the wattles are covered in bright yellow flowers, the jasmine is opening it’s beautiful scented buds, there are native flowers and birds everywhere, we’ve turned off the heaters, I’ve booked the car in to get the air conditioning fixed, the lawn needs mowing, the kids have dragged out their summer clothes and abandoned their shoes, the cat is sprinting around the yard pouncing on me, the sun is beating down, and when I look out my window the world looks yellow ... it must be Spring!

And the harvest moon - for my friends in the northern hemisphere celebrating the arrival of autumn :).