Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes the designs I draw on paper just don’t work in metal. I’m working on a ring right now that was almost finished but a little design fault and a few strokes of my hammer have destroyed it. I’ve gone through a range of emotions trying to make this ring – from frustration to anger to rage to sadness and despair; I’m now waiting for patience and persistence to quick in so I can start making this ring again from scratch, because I am determined to make it work!

But I’ve got some other things to show you :).

My children have been doing a pottery class for a few years now; I used to wait in the park with the other mum’s while the class was on. This year they ran a class for adults so I thought I’d enrol and make some bowls and things while my little ones made unicorns and ponies.

My daughter’s unicorn
My first pots :)

I was in the city buying some metal and cabochons the other day and I couldn’t resist buying this piece of celestite. It’s the most beautiful crystal, I love its smoky pale blue/grey colour, I wish I had a big celestite cabochon I could turn into a piece of jewellery for myself.

And finally my new computer. It works better and looks a lot nicer than that old beast I was using.

That’s it for now, I was hoping to have this jewellery finished today but it looks like I’m heading back to the shed to saw out some metal and start again … breathe.


Heather Fawn said...

Oh I feel your pain, I have been there and done that. I think the only thing to do is breathe and start off fresh :) Wow, your pottery looks amazing!!! And the unicorn is the prettiest unicorn I have ever seen♥
And haha I have to comment on everything, I have a piece of Celestite that almost looks just like yours!!! I can't wait to see your new pieces! I'm sure they will be amazing as always♥

SpiralStone said...

Thanks Heather :). I learn from my many mistakes! I've started again and I think it's going to work this time!