Sunday, November 13, 2011

eleven eleven

On Friday 11/11/11 we went to Sculptures by the Sea, Australia's largest annual sculpture exhibition.  The coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama beach is lined with over one hundred sculptures by Australian and international artists.  There are so many amazing inspiring sculptures, here are some of my favourites.

artist: Alison Lee Cousland

i have been dreaming to be a tree
artist: Byeong Doo Moon

ammonite 2006
artist: Bert Fllugelman

cover the rainbow
artist: Hyoung Kwon Kim

look this way
artist: Ken Unsworth

who left the tap running?
artist: Simon McGrath

private poetry 2010
artist: Richard Tipping

artist:  Sandra Pitkin

moebius in space planet
artist: Keizo Ushio

cellular memory
artist: Greer Taylor

childhood horizon
artist: Chen Wenling

isometric trinity
artist: Fatih Semiz

provenance (a gilt frame)
artist: Jane Gillings

transfiguration "unite" III
artist: Mitsuo Takeuchi

The exhibiton is on until Nov 20th, it's worth taking a stroll along the cliff top to have a look if you're in Sydney :).


Anonymous said...

Stunning. And what a glorious backdrop to showcase the sculptures. Would have enjoyed walking alongside you. All the spirals are amazing (of course!) and love, "I have been dreaming to be a tree,' 'Isometric Trinity,' and, 'Transfiguration.' Thanks for sharing!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...these are fabulous. Each one kept being my favorite but I love "Dreaming to be a Tree", "Childhood Dreaming", and "Who Left the Tap Running". All of the sculptures are amazing.

DalaHorse said...

Wow...thanks for sharing...very inspirational.

SpiralStone said...

"I have been dreaming to be a tree" is my favourite, it is the most beautiful sculpture. I wish it was mine :).

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it would look right at home in your beautiful backyard forest! (Wonder how much it is...?)

Hm, do you think it would scare the 'bark' (read: 'crapola') right out of our neighbor's dogs if we had it in our backyard??? For that, I would pay almost anything!!

Happy Monday, you.