Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Connected from spiralstone on Vimeo.

Often my jewellery is about cycles and rhythms. This collection is about being connected. There may be no loop, no beginning or end. It is about links and bonds that are here now.

I am connected to my children through love.

I am connected to my family by blood.

There are people I am connected to through friendship.

I am connected to a community of home schoolers and attachment parents through beliefs and ideals.

I am connected to a worldwide community through a love of handmade, through nurturing the craft and skills of individuals.

These connections are like overlapping ripples in a pond. Rippling outwards, across the world, or just down to the local shops.

We are connected somehow. You are here now making a connection with me, from mind to mind, across time and space.

This work began as an idea, came together as a whole piece, and now will go out into the world as a symbol of the way in which we are all connected.

Each ring comes with a card that shows the entire collection and its place within it.

Each ring is 25mm x 25mm and they range in size from 5 ¾ to 9 ½ .
I’ll be listing them in my Etsy store tomorrow night (Sydney time).


Feri said...

OMG Michele! You are a true genius! These are DIVINE! I want all of them,lol xoxo Feri

Feri said...

Enjoyed the movie, I am just speechless for your amazing creativity and imagination that translated so beautifully on metals! Missed you dear!

kelly said...

Wow, Michele, these are really amazing. I love how each of these pieces, which will likely end up on fingers around the world, are all part of the same lovely picture. I hope I am lucky enough to get one! I am not ashamed to say I will be stalking the etsy store :)

susie said...

So beautiful and amazing, you are one talented lady:) Love being able to physically see the connections. Truly inspiring.

Corilu Designs said...

So smart and sooo beautiful! You are truly talented!!!

Sandi said...

Michele...this was definitely worth waiting for...they are absolutely fabulous...I have never seen anything like them...beautiful!

Ash said...


What an extraordinary idea...and how magnificently you have brought it to life. I am--almost--speechless. (And the video was so gorgeous to see!)

Like Feri, I would LOVE them all! =) But as Kelly said, there is something lovely about knowing each piece will most likely have a different owner somewhere around the world.

Each collection, I feel I have seen some extraordinary...and then your next collection is complete, and I am awestruck once again.


PS. Did I tell you a new character arrived unexpectedly on my page? It took me a few days to realize she is you.

liz r. said...

That is exquisite. Just astounding work.

WillowMetals said...

Wow Michele! These are AMAZING!!! Brilliant!!! I too want them all, lol! I hope that I am lucky enough to snag one up. So worth the wait! I too will be stalking your shop ;)
I hope that you are all settled into your new home and are loving it now :) Hugs!

willow and moo said...

Michele, they are outstanding!!! REALLY!!!

littlecherryhill said...

STUNNING work...and I absolutely adore your concept. Thanks so much for sharing your video with the rest of us, it was so cool to see the process!!

Belinda Saville said...

Michele, I have goosebumps! I cannot find the words to express how moved I am by this incredible, original, magnificent work of art.

The concept is beautiful, and your execution immaculate!

You are so inspiring :-)


DalaHorse said...

Fabulous concept....and what beautiful inspiring rings...outstanding! Amazing design talent Michele!

SpiralStone said...

Thank you so much for all your amazing comments! The rings are all packaged up and ready to fly across the world, creating new connections :). Michele x

Suzi Smith said...

oh wow.... so beautiful, such a great idea... the blog looks great too & the sculpture trail looked gorgeous... thank you for taking me on so many journeys in one post!

RosyRevolver said...

SO so so amazing. Thrilled to have found you- thank you for the inspiration.

anka said...

I just found you via Featu-ring on Facebook. They shared exactly these rings. I browsed your website and will be browsing some more. I get it, I get what you do and how nature speaks to you. Wonderful! Good luck with your beautiful work!