Saturday, March 20, 2010

rainforest collection

I started this collection of jewellery a couple of months ago. After finishing the natures sculptures collection created around rugged stone shapes, I wanted to make something more fluid this time, which unlike the solid timeless motionless rocks and pebbles, was more about movement, growth and change.

I’m also deeply attracted to the rainforest, I love the colours, the light, the density, the air, the life, the stillness, the interconnectedness, and how everything is interdependent upon each other within the rainforest. I love the contrast of light and dark, how the plants spiral and intertwine their way around each other as they struggle to reach the light.

We were married in a rainforest and as our wedding anniversary was approaching I felt the need to revisit, in my mind and in real life, everything that it represents to me. There is a small reserve not far from where I live that has a rainforest and it was here that I was reminded of everything that I love about it.

My rainforest collection has been made with 100% recycled sterling silver and will be available to purchase in my Etsy store on Tuesday.


mywifesstudio said...

Beautiful collection!!

liz r. said...

Congratulations on the gorgeous new collection! Your work looks flawless.

Cathy said...

Amazing, fabulous interpretation. xo

sassyglassdesigns said...

Absolutely them all but the cuff bracelet is spectacular.