Thursday, March 4, 2010

I’m back after my little break away :). I didn’t really have a break but spent the week working on a collection of jewellery I’m trying to finish. The collection started with 5 pieces and has grown into 10 pieces, so it’s taking a little longer to complete than I planned! I’m almost finished, I just have the stones to set and then the pricing, photographing and listing – hopefully it will all be listed in my store next week!

I also spent time working on a custom order. A couple wanted to buy a “water” and “fire” ring from my “elements stacking rings”, and they also wanted a ring to sit between these two rings with braided strands of gold, silver and copper that represented transformation, spirituality and relationships. I sketched some designs for the middle ring with different ways to intertwine the three strands and came up with an organic, fluid, flowing design – almost like a river. After deciding on the way the strands intertwined I thought it would be a nice idea to combine all the elements (water, fire and relationships/spirituality/transformation) into one ring. It was a challenge soldering the middle strands to the ring (being three different metals and crossing over each other) but I love making jewellery that is symbolic and meaningful and I’m really happy with the final design and the finished rings :).

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Anna said...

I loved these rings Michele, they drew me in straight away. I just had to comment and say how beautiful they are - I want to save up for one! I think of you every so often and look in at your beautiful creations for inspiration! Can't wait to see what else you have created!