Friday, June 13, 2014

A Year in the Making

Over the course of this year I have been through many moments and experiences which led to the design of this collection "A Year in the Making". 

We consciously or unconsciously mark our lives by the count of years and in quiet moments we think about the path our lives have taken and where those paths may go.

This collection of 12 rings symbolizes the path we follow over a year - through moments of joy, introspection, nostalgia; the physical and spiritual journey.

The path is continuous, beginning before this collection and continuing beyond it.  "A Year in the Making" comprises twelve sections of the path.  On the back of the rings the pathway connects each ring to the next.

I have always taken original photos that reflect the inspiration for my collections.  In this collection I decided to include the inspirational photos for each ring - three postcards reflecting the mood and style of each piece.

size 8
Childhood Memories
size 6 1/2

New Beginnings
size 8 1/4


size 6
size 8 3/4
Regaining Strength
*not for sale*


size 7 1/4
size 7 3/4
size 5 1/2
size 6
size 7 1/2
Looking Forward
size 9
All rings are available in my Etsy store now :)