Monday, June 9, 2014

At last...

I'll have photos of a new "connected" series of jewellery here at 8am New Zealand time on Friday 13th June.  I've decided to try something new and I won't be taking reserves.  After I have posted on my blog I will begin listing all the jewellery on Etsy.  Each listing will have all the information regarding the stones, sizing, dimensions, and extra photographs, so if you'd like to purchase one of the pieces you can just do so directly from Etsy without contacting me first to reserve it.

We've had a busy year, moving house, settling my eldest daughter into high school (having always been home schooled, it was a quite a transition for the whole family), and helping our little one with all her dancing. We were renting the house we were living in and after nearly a year of searching we finally found a little house to buy.  It's surrounded by trees with a view of the mountains and ocean, it has an old garden shed that we're in the process of converting into a studio. There's still a lot of work to do before it's up and running but in the meantime I have a garage to work in (a little cold and gloomy but it will do until I can move into the garden).

I've had some metal stamps made, they are something that I wanted to have made for such a long time and it feels so good to now be stamping my jewellery with my own hand drawn spiralstone signature.

I've had new cards printed and new packaging, green and recycled.

I have lots of jewellery I'm working on, perfecting new techniques, and photographic prints in the making, all of which I hope to have listed in my shop soon.

our autumn view

It feels wonderful to be back, finally settled and creating again, I'm so looking forward to sharing  what I've been working on.  See you here on Friday :).


Anonymous said...

Hullo, beautiful. I've missed you.

edita said...
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edita said...

Good to have you back, missed you

Meduska said...

Finally back!
Regards from Poland.