Saturday, January 5, 2013

over the mountains, into the sky, towards the sun

A bird following its instinct travels through life, flying where it needs to be. Drifting over mountains, soaring through valleys, climbing towards the sun, unafraid to make the big decisions, perhaps not making them – just being where it needs to be.
Part of me feels like I don't know where I'm going or what will happen or what direction to fly in, but an inner part of me feels like I don't have to know where I'm going, if I just fly without thought (but with instinct and inner knowing) then I'll end up where I'm meant to be. It feels like I'm just being taken there ... not that I'm consciously deciding it.

Decisions - based on feelings, instinct, practicalities, emotions, finanacial ... reasons, but what ultimately makes us decide to take action?
I have made this cuff about making those choices, having the strength courage and faith to follow what you believe in to be right and head towards the sun. About setting the course of your life in a new direction unafraid.

And so I am flying back to my homeland to start a new chapter in my life. I am returning and yet not returning. I am going home, but going someplace completely new. I have been away for more than 20 years and I have changed. I was young when I flew away, a single pair of wings against the sky. Now I return with other wings around me – my family, my children flying too as we all go to start a new adventure over some distant mountain.

And so as our home descends into the chaos of packing, and our possesions are loaded onto a container to float across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand, we will be here for just one more week before we board the plane that will fly us over those mountains and into our new life.

Wishing everyone a wonderful inspiring, creative 2013! Thank you for being here, following what I create and being part of this journey with me, I'm so grateful for all of you.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievably stunning cuff, my friend. And such beautiful words *sniffling here*

Welcome home.


tattooedblogger said...


Jill said...

Another stunningly beautiful cuff! Best wishes for safe travels and much joy as you return home!

✭DalaHorse✭ said...

You have such a wonderful gift Michele...your work is so much from the heart.

Allisunny S. said...

Magic awaits you: in your pictures of New Zealand I see nothing but miracles. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!