Sunday, March 11, 2012


I never feed them but almost every day ...

they arrive,

they chat,

they eat (next door's limes),

they pose,

they look,

they bring along their friends,

they show me their wings,

and then they fly away,



WEDUNIT Jewels said...

Fantastic photos! They certainly look like they own the place, lol.

mywifesstudio said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing you amazing photos!

Ash said...
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✭DalaHorse✭ said...

Your visitors are amazing...i love the picture of the one little feathered beauty showing you his wings in all their glory. He might be courting you! The only time i get to see birds like that are at the zoo or in the pet shops.

littlecherryhill said...

Gorgeous! I grew up with one of these and so I love Cockatoos a lot! You are so lucky to have them come and visit you :)