Sunday, January 15, 2012


Yesterday I stumbled upon Kirsty Mitchell’s beautiful photographs from her “wonderland” series on Flickr, which led me to her website and diary entry about her creative process in making this extraordinary series of work. I was moved to tears by the deeply personal nature of her work and so inspired by her exceptional creativity, passion, determination and dedication. The amazing amount of time and energy that went into creating such incredible handmade work is absolutely inspirational.


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Anonymous said...

Emotionally wrenching backstory and visually breathtaking ending. I needed this. Especially the advice given to her by the art curator...about stepping back from the sucking black hole (my words) that is so often the world of cyberspace.

We've talked about creativity and creating smaller works in order to experience gratification of a finished piece, one we can show the world. But maybe it's when we have no one but ourselves to shine light on our creative expression that we are able to delve deepest into the darkest--richest--part of ourselves where we--our true, creative self--lies.

Miss you!