Sunday, December 11, 2011

a few things

I'm really close to finishing a little collection of jewellery I've been working on.  I have ten pieces completely soldered so there is just the sanding, polishing, stone setting, photographing and pricing to do.  I'm hoping to have everything finished by this time next week.

Besides making jewellery I've been doing all the "end of year" stuff.  Our pottery classes finished for the year last week.  The classes have been so relaxing and such a contrast to working with metal, the clay is so soft and the glazes are so unpredictable, it has been fun experimenting without worrying about the cost of materials.  My little ones have made wonderful things like spherical teapots,

and mermaids,

I made some little saggar fired pottery cups.  A saggar firing is when you place your pots into a saggar/container which is filled with sawdust, seaweed, oxides and organic materials, and then fired in the kiln.  I wrapped my cups in copper wire before I put them in the saggar, I love how they turned out, almost like batik fabric.

And I've been taking some photos.

Of the stormy seas (it has been coldest first week of summer in forty years).

Of birds; our new house is high on the hillside amongst the birds' nests and hollows.  I've always had to look up to see the birds and now I'm level with their homes. I'm hoping for a telephoto zoom lens for Christmas so I can photograph the little birds leaving their nests and learning to fly.

And photos of my little ones doing their end of year things. 
My daughter's piano concert.

And that's about it.  I'll be back soon with some jewellery to show you.


Ash said...

Seeing your collections is a little like peeking at the gifts under the Christmas tree, Michele, so I look forward to seeing your latest treasures with great anticipation! =)

Your girls' clay creations are darling...and your cups are beautiful. I love the stark contrast in color and the organic patterning. Has an ancient quality about them.

Oh, those stormy seas. Makes me quite homesick. Did I mention...I might possibly be in your hemisphere by May?? Fingers, toes, eyes, and anything else crossable, crossed!

Keep warm! (Good time for s'mores!) It's a little brisk here, too... currently -8. I might have to go throw on a jersey.

Sending hugs to you in your little house on the hill!


DalaHorse said...

Michele...your pottery and awesome and your kids pieces really charming....can't wait to see your new pieces...and the little birds your photographing are fascinating...what species are they if you know? Happy Holidays to everyone! Hugs...Sue

SpiralStone said...

Ash, It's not quite cold enough for a jersey :), but make sure you pack one when you visit in May!

Sue, I think they're called Little Corellas". They pair for life, it has been amazing watching them care for their baby, hopefully I can get some closer photos of them after Christmas :).

littlecherryhill said...

looking forward to your latest collection ♥ Wish I had a view of the birdies that you do. Hope you get that zoom lens, you could capture some awesome piccies of them!!

Sandi said...

Can't wait to see your new creations. Really enjoyed the pictures in your post...those birds are beautiful and your pottery is as unique as your gorgeous jewelry. Hope Santa is good to you.

Feri said...

Oh Michele!!! How cute your girls' creations are, got the genes from their Artsy Mom I am sure!!! And as Ash mentioned of course your amazing cups are so organic and original!!! The stormy sea looks wildly beautiful but scary for me too. eeeeeek... Soooooo much looking forward to your next amazing creations, Darling!!! xoxo