Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Occasionally I create a piece of jewellery that more than one person wants. I don’t usually like to make the same thing twice, but because I’ve had so many requests to remake this particular ring, I thought I would!

And a few more “endless journey” spinner rings.

I’ve contacted everyone who originally asked me to remake these rings so some of these will be reserved for those people, the rest will be available to purchase when I list them tonight.

I’ve also made two more “waxing and waning” rings that are a slightly different design to the original ring, and a one of kind ring with an amazing Botswana agate. I’ll have some photos of these new rings on Friday morning at 11am (Sydney time) which is around 9pm Thursday in the US, you may want to check your time zone.


Ash said...

Simply gorgeous, Michele, as always!

(S.O.S ~ Awake again in the wee hours, those darn little witchlings...and not a chocolate button in sight!)


Sandi said...

These are gorgeous Michele.