Thursday, April 21, 2011

a sequence of events












I originally made a similar ring to this as part of the Natural Mandala series of rings that I made in November last year. I didn’t end up listing that particular ring because when I was setting the last stone it cracked in half, I did manage to remove the stone and replace it but the bezel was ruined in the process. I loved the ring so I decided to remake it as part of a collection of jewellery that I’ve been working on, although this time it has a wider spirally band.   I’ve almost finished the new pieces, I just need to set the stones and add little finishing touches to all of them.  I’m going away to the mountains for five days tomorrow so I won’t get a chance to work on them until I get back, hopefully I’ll have some photos to show you in a few weeks.  Michele x


DalaHorse said...

Michele...Really beautiful ring....looks like you'd find it growing in a magical place in the forest! ♥Sue

Anonymous said...

Holy, wow, Michele!! This one calls of home and makes me smile and weepy at the same time. Absolutely beautiful! (You know, I believe this one looks to be right about my size!)

Anonymous said...

Michele...this ring is outstanding...I just kind of sat with my mouth open in awe.

Suzi Smith said...

I love the sequence from inspiration to final piece... absolutely gorgeous! I'm writing a piece about inspiration from trees for i'd love to include a link to this!

deanna may said...

I came across your blog mostly on accident, and I like it very much. Is that fern found on the west coast somewhere, or is it a photo from New Zealand? I love those ferns... their colour when the light shines through them is so specific, so unparalleled.