Wednesday, March 16, 2011

some holiday photos


my daughter's sand angel

my daughter's 10th birthday party ... 15 kids running around the sand dunes at night with glow sticks :)

There was also swimming, snorkeling, sand boarding, shell collecting, time spent drinking chai with awesome friends around a camp fire, dolphins, bush turkeys, diamond pythons, a heap of dirt and sand, marshmallow toasting and a bunch of happy children running free. We had a magical time away :)


Belinda Saville said...

What an idyllic escape! Absolutely magical :-) Nothing beats a holiday surrounded by Mother Nature ;-)

Sandi said...

Your pictures are beautiful...looks very serene.

Ash said...

The photo with the glow sticks is glorious! Sounds like the kids had a fabulous time!

(Ew. Is that one of those nasty bulldog ants? I remember being bit on the butt by one of those when I was little...or perhaps it was a fire ant?? Either way, having "ants in your pants" took on a whole new meaning!!)

SpiralStone said...

Yeah it's a nasty little bull ant. This one was on the side of a lighthouse and was about an inch long, you definitely wouldn't want it anywhere near your butt!

Ash said...

Now see, there's just no reason that an ant should be allowed to get that big! *shudder*