Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I’ve been caught up in all the “end of year” stuff and haven’t had much of a chance to make any jewellery at all. I do have a collection of jewellery that I’ve cut all the pieces for, but I haven’t had a chance to do any soldering. I thought I’d try to make just one piece of jewellery at a time but I starting designing what I wanted to make and before I knew it I had fourteen pieces! I seem to see things in cycles and connections so I suppose my jewellery just ends up like that too. I love these new pieces I’m making at the moment, they just may take a while to complete, I’m hoping to have them finished early in the New Year.

We did manage to escape the madness for a day of bushwalking and swimming. Now that my little one is six we can go on longer walks as I don’t have to carry her anymore. There is a National Park half an hour from our house with the most beautiful walks and amazing beaches.

We’ve been doing these walks with another homeschooling family, it has been lovely spending the day in nature, the children have a wonderful time and we have the entire beach to ourselves (one of the many advantages of homeschooling - we never have to be anywhere crowded which is great if you’re like me and feel claustrophobic in crowded places). My camera is too heavy and precious to take on these walks so I’ve had to make do with our little “point-and-shoot” camera which doesn’t really capture the detail or texture how I’d like it to – but here some photos of our day :)
There were many Aboriginal engravings and stencils on the walk (this one is an adult hand in a rock shelter).

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Ash said...

Hi Michele,

I haven't seen my birthplace since I was just a babe. These photos inspire a wish to revisit my roots. Beautiful!

(Can't wait to see your new creations when they're done, too!)

Have a wonderful Christmas!