Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wholistic Metal - Natural Cycles

I have been creating a whole new range of pieces lately, and have just finished them. The light was perfect for photographing them yesterday and so I thought I would put a few up here on my blog. I should have them listed in my Etsy store by Tuesday.


I am thinking of calling this piece "Life" as it is all about the stages of growth of a plant. From a seed (the tiny smoky quartz bead), a drop of water (the aquamarine bead) and the heat of the sun, a seedling becomes a flower.

moon phase

The oxidised silver on these earrings is the night sky with a phase of the moon on each disc. The full cycle starts at one earring from the dark new moon and descends to the full moon at the bottom. Then on the other piece the cycle continues ascending and ending as it begun on the dark new moon.

the river flows by moonlit mountains
I was inspired by the natural patterns in this beautiful Brazilian Agate to create a mountain necklace. The mountains are lit by the stars and the moon, a river flows from the distant mountain and through the Agate. The chain echoes the pendant with moonstones for the moonlight and little serpentine stars.

A different version of the "Life" earrings. The same theme of life growing from a seed (the matte brown glass bead), yet in this pair I have chosen the metals to accentuate the stages. The warmth of the sun is stamped into the brass disc, the flowering plant on the silver disc, and the earthy copper with the growing plant emerging from the ground.

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