Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new year, new spirals, new designs

I have so many plans for Spiral Stone in 2009, I add more things to my "to do" list every day and it's so long now that I don't know if I'll even complete half of it. But I've made a start and hopefully I'll accomplish a few things on my list by the end of this year.

The first thing on my list was to experiment with a macro lens that has been sitting around here for months. I spent all day taking new photos of the hoop earrings in my store with the macro lens, they were looking great on the camera but after loading them up on to my computer they all looked disastrous. Now my plan has changed from just using the macro lens to finding out how to use it.

I'm planning on doing a monthly market this year. I haven't quite decided which market it will be but I'll let you know where you can find me around Sydney this year.

I plan on making all the silver charms, pendants, ear wires, and chain that I use in my designs this year, from sterling sheet and wire. It will be a lot more time consuming but it makes each piece of jewellery totally unique and hand made from start to finish, which makes me happy :) .

I have a book full of new metal designs that I've ordered supplies for and I'll be listing new hoops and spirals and beaded necklaces and bracelets soon.

I'll be opening a new online store at a funky new selling venue and working on getting my own website up and running.

Those are just a few of my plans for 2009.

Oh and I'll be attempting to market and promote and network and blog more often and all those things I'm not very good at :)

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Scarlette Rose Fairy said...


Best of luck for 2009!! looks like a busy year ahead for you!, i had seen your store a while ago a really liked the moon cycle necklace, so stunning! i'm an very lucky to be part of a womens group in Sydney who share and celebrate seasons and cycles so i will definatly passon your link to the wise women i know!! X.x.