Wednesday, May 19, 2010


To enable me to fulfil my creative needs I need a little more time to work on my own designs, so I’ve decided to make a few changes to spiralstone. This means that I’ll be taking a break from making hoop and spiral earrings, and they will no longer be available to purchase in my store for now. I feel a little sad about removing them from my store as they have been such a big part of it over the last few years. My design and method of making spirals has slowly evolved over time and I feel that they are close to as perfect as I can get them now, so I’m thinking of writing a tutorial that I can share with you on how I make them …. and then you can make your own ….well, that’s the plan.

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Heather Fawn said...

Awesome idea and awesome earrings!!!! I can't wait to see some new pieces that you create!